Curriculum Vitæ

Garnier Romain, born on December the 30th, 1976, bachelor, lecturer of Latin, 6th
grade, University of Limoges, Faculté des Lettres et des Sciences Humaines (FLSH),
full member of the laboratory of research EA 1087 ' Espaces humains et interactions
culturelles ' (EHIC). Research director : Bertrand Westphal.

- 1997–1998, Master 1 of classics, with Jean-Victor Vernhes, University of Provence,
as Master advisor. ' Greek Reflexes of the PIE root-affixes ' (summa cum laude).

- 1998–1999, Agrégation of classics (passed in July 1999).

- 1999–2000, Master 2 of comparative grammar, with Charles de Lamberterie, ÉPHÉ,
IVth section, as Master advisor. ' Greek Desiderative Verbs ending in -seio '
(summa cum laude).

- 2000–2005, teaching in secondary schools (Agrégé, 4th grade).

- 2004 (Nov. 27th), Ph. D. at the ÉPHÉ, IVth section, with Charles de Lamberterie as
Ph. D. advisor. (Study on the Ablauting Stems of the Latin Verb)
(summa cum laude).

- 2004–2012, writes about ten reviews for the Bulletin de Société de
Linguistique de Paris (BSL).

- 2005 (May), qualified as lecturer of Latin (University of Limoges).

- 2006–2016, lecturer of Latin in the University of Limoges. Starts as trainee lecturer
on January, 1st 2006, then becomes lecturer 3rd grade on January, 1st 2007, lecturer
4th grade on January 1st 2009, 5th grade on November, 1st 2011 and 6th grade on november 1st 2013

- 2006–2012, writes about thirty articles for the Chroniques d’étymologie latine (CEL)
and Chroniques d’étymologie grecque (CEG) published in the Revue de philologie.

- 2007, member of the Société de Linguistique de Paris (SLP)

- 2008, is part of a selection committe in Limoges for a lecturer job of the 9th section
of the CNU (French litterature of the XVIIIth century).

- 2010, affiliated, with unofficial capacity, to the laboratory of research UMR 7192
' Proche Orient, Caucase, Iran : continuités et diversités ' (Collège de France).
Research director : Jean-Marie Durand.

- 2010, Benveniste Prize (for a major achievement in linguistics), to foster the publication of his Ph.D. (rewritten for its major part)
' Study on the Ablauting Stems of the Latin Verb ', collection Innsbrucker Beiträge zur Sprachwissenschaft, Innsbruck.

- 2010–2014, contributes to the projet of Latin linguistic lexicon of the Centre Alfred Ernout
(EA 3549).

- 2011–2013, is part of the examining board of the Agrégation de Grammaire.

- 2013, member of the Indogermanische Gesellschaft.

- 2013, Junior member of the Institut Universitaire de France (IUF).

- 2015 (december 15th) Post-doctoral thesis (Habilitation) with Georges-Jean Pinault as Habilitation advisor,
' Back-formations in Latin '

- 2016, member of the DÉRom-project (CNRS + ATILF)

- 2016, Secretary-treasurer of the Société de Linguistique de Paris.

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